Monday, 25 May 2009

Brides - Ocular.Unveil (2008)

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Genre: Experimental/Hardcore/Progressive

Brides is a very interesting band. They bring their diverse sound to hardcore and tranform the genre. The opening track is probably my favorite. It's basically an intro with light guitars, a solid drum beat on toms and snare, a beautiful piano underscore, and awesome vocals repeating the same line. Then there's a quiet area and BAM, an aggresive onslaught of melodic euphoria. And the clean vocals switch to raw vocals and it sounds sooo much like Polar Bear Club. As for the whole album, it's probably one the best cds I've heard in years. Experimental melodic hardcore rock to the max. One thing though. The 2 people singing on here strangely sound like 2 other people. Like I said, the raw vocals sound like PBC but a bit more yelly at times, and the clean vocals sound like, get ready, Fall Out Boy. BUT!!! I promise it works. Just download it please. Probably one the best cds you'll download this year, I can promise you that.