Monday, 11 May 2009

The Dear Hunter - Act I The Lake South, The River North

Genre: Progressive Rock

The Dear Hunter is somewhat of an anomaly in the music world. ACT I- The Lake South, The River North is the first installment of a planned 6 part series dealing with love and the human condition. Started by Casey Crescenzo and intended as a side project, as he was in The Receiving End of Sirens at the time of its creation. The Dear Hunter flourished from a few scraps of paper into a 6 Act epic. This album is unique in many ways, the easiest way for me to describe it is that it is almost written in the sense that it could be a musical. It's very story driven, and the oddities of instruments only add to the excitement. It is a fantastic album...although I do enjoy Act II a bit more.

It Awaits!

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