Thursday, 21 May 2009

Life In Your Way - Waking Giants (2007)

Genre: Melodic Hardcore

Waking Giants is a strikingly passionate melodic hardcore album, making use of bruising metalcore moments in the vein of Misery Signals and mixing it all up with the spacy melodic parts that I'm a huge fan of. A wise man once said that this sounds like the album Hopesfall never released and he was very much correct, it would fit perfectly between No Wings To Speak Of and Satellite Years. The only concern I have with this release are the clean vocals. Don't get me wrong, they sound fine, it's just they seem a bit out of place at times, although maybe that's just me. As with so many bands I start to like they've already split up, which is really lame. Enough negativity though, these guys play some really cool melodic hardcore so give them a try.


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