Saturday, 27 June 2009

*shels - Sea of the Dying Dhow (2007)

Genre: Post-Rock/Metalcore

Progressive metalcore with some heavy post-rock influence and a whole bunch of chill acoustic bits as well, I imagine there would be something for everyone here probably. I guess. Okay, maybe not. Sea of the Dying Dhow (yeah, I don't know what a 'dhow' is either) is a meticulously arranged album, everything has clearly had a great deal of thought put into it and as a whole the record flows fantastically, going from ambient sections to acoustic sections and onward to some damn heavy riffs, post-metal style. These progressions work really effectively and overall the album is really great, if at times it might drag slightly. But that's no big deal because this album is really cool and definitely worth giving a listen.

Pretty much.


  1. link is not working.

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