Thursday, 16 April 2009

Dance Gavin Dance - Discography

Genre: Post-Hardcore

Dance Gavin Dance are one of my favourite bands, I just love how the guitars harmonise most of the time and how the guitarists play off each other. Then there are the vocals, their former vocalist Johnny Craig (now in Emarosa) just has the most amazing vocals on Downtown Battle Mountain, I absolutely love them. Unfortunately he was kicked out afterwards due to various drink and drug problems, but thankfully this didn't turn out so bad since his replacement is almost as good! The only thing that irks me about this band is that the screamed vocals are kind of subpar, but the guy that was screaming for them, Jon Mess, has left and one of the guitarists is screaming now who sounds pretty cool. I'm super excited for their new release this year titled "Happiness", can't wait!

Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean (2006)
Downtown Battle Mountain (2007)
Dance Gavin Dance (2008)

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