Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Dillinger Escape Plan - Irony Is A Dead Scene (2002)

Genre: Mathcore/Experimental

A 4 song EP combining the instrumental might of TDEP and the sheer vocal madness that is Mike Patton, holy shit awesome! One of the craziest bands on the planet teaming up with one of the craziest vocalists on the planet to make this little piece of madness. The riffs are all over the place, the drumming is absolutely intense and as for the vocals, well, they're just plain crazy. Mr. Patton goes from blood curdling yelps to creepy whispering in the blink of an eye and really doesn't sound at all sane, it just makes me wish he had done a full length with them - at 4 songs this is really way too short, particularly since the last track is a bit of a sub-par cover of Aphex Twins's 'Come To Daddy'. But hey, this is essential for fans of crazy music in general, I love it.


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