Sunday, 14 June 2009

City Of Caterpillar - City Of Caterpillar (2002)

Genre: Screamo/Post-Rock

City of Caterpillar is pretty much what you get if you throw a little post-rock and emotional hardcore together. Now I happen to be a fan of both those genres and as a result I just so happen to be a fan of City Of Caterpillar. They implement the basic formula of long ambient spacey bits that end up building up to chaotic crescendoes and it does, in fact, work pretty damn well. From an instrumental point of view it's solid, particularly on the drumming front, and generally pretty great, but the real attraction is the emotional factor and the tense build-ups that explode impressively afterwards. Well I really enjoy it anyway, to the extent that I'd probably call this an emotional hardcore classic.

But Why Caterpillars?

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