Monday, 1 June 2009

Converge - You Fail Me (2004)

Genre: Metalcore/Hardcore

Raw, powerful and edgy, You Fail Me is the 5th (?) full-length release by prolific metalcore titans Converge. I also happen to think it's criminally underrated when compared to the likes of Jane Doe, arguably Converge's magnum opus. This is a solid wall of punk, hardcore and metal that violently assaults your ears and just plain rules. The vocalist, Jacob Bannon, is one seriously pissed off guy, I don't understand how he can shriek his tortured lyrics album after album, it's pretty intense stuff. Also, they're releasing another album this year which I'm really excited to get my hands on, should be really good from what I've heard of it! To be entirely honest, I just love Converge and everything they've done. Everything. So you'd better like them too. Or else.

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