Thursday, 2 July 2009

Beloved - The Running (2001)

Genre: Post-Hardcore/Melodic Hardcore

Beloved (now defunct) were an awesome melodic hardcore/post-hardcore band that pretty much owned face. They played their music with such passion and emotion, giving this EP a definite sense of desperation, linking in with the whole title of 'The Running' - evidently they're running away from something. Beloved were a Christian band and embraced their beliefs with open arms, which is mirrored in their music and lyrical content. Well, probably. But yeah, this is a pretty great release and almost as good as the only full length album they ended up releasing, Failure On. It really sucks that they split, definitely a band that could've gone somewhere. So give it a try. Or don't. I mean, it doesn't really affect me if you try it or not. Pretty sure you'd enjoy this all the same.

I mean, probably.

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  1. For a second there, I thought that its the same Beloved that had a song and a video with naked people in it.