Thursday, 2 July 2009

Rx Bandits - Mandala (2009)

Genre: Progressive Rock/Alternative

Rx Bandits are that one pretty cool band that used to play ska. Yeah, that one. Well, to either your joy or dismay, they don't play ska anymore. They've evolved above and beyond that, making a logical progression from their previous album ...And the Battle Begun and making a really awesome, chill record with the likes of Mandala. The guitar work is great, showcasing some progressive undertones but also sticking with some really damn catchy melodies. Yep, cool. The only thing is, the band decided to exclude the horns section from their sound, which is fine by me really, it sounds full enough as it is, I think horns might have made the release a bit too cluttered and presumably the band thought the same. Or maybe they didn't and I'm just assuming things. Anyway, this album is pretty great and will definitely receive a bunch of plays from me throughout the summer.

Part One.
Part Two.

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